Ole Tennis, Personalized Tennis Racquet Policy.

Term and Conditions

  • Personalized Tennis Racquets are NOT Returnable.

Please make sure you are purchasing the right Racquets before any personalization. If you have any questions feel to contact us before any purchases.

  • Sizes, Colors, and Fonts

These can be variable, depending on the racquets frame the size of letter can be different. Colors may little differ from the pictures.

  • Racquet's Important information.

Depending on the size of letter or length of the letters, it may cover tennis racquet's important information from manufacture.

  • Personalization is not permanent.

It's not permanent, it can be removed, If you are not force to remove it. It will last for few year. Since this is a free Personalization we can't guarantee it.

  • Personalization timing.

It can take up to 2 ~ 4 business days.

  • Alphabet and Numbers. 

No Symbols and other languages. Only alphabet and numbers.  

  • Capital Letter 

We will personalized in Capital letters only. 

"By Purchasing a Personalized Tennis Racquets you are agree above Term and Conditions."


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