Tecnifibre X-ONE Biphase 15L Tennis String

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Tencifibre X-ONE Biphase 15L Tennis String

1 Set - Arm Friendly, Playability, Comfort and Durability. 

The Top Performance PU Multifilament String.

This string is a multifilament made of Power and H2C fibers. Power fibers get a power that is superior by 12% to standard strings and the H2C fibers are highly efficient during very hot conditions of play. 

The PU offers a 400% elasticity for a maximum of comfort and dynamic performances. Moreover, the Biphase technology that surrounds the 2 fibers increases the durability of the string by 20%.

  • Gauge:  1.34 mm / 15L g 
  •  Material:  Multifilament 
  • Available Color: Natural

X-one biphase 15L G

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