Tecnifibre Triax 17 Tennis String

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Tencifibre Trix 17 Tennis String

1 Set - Arm Protection, Power Spin and Control

The most Arm Frindly String in the Market. Made in 50% co-polyester and 50% polyamide, the Tecnifibre Triax is the perfect balance between mono and multifilament. The result brings more control than a multifilament, but more power than an monofilament. This Triax offers more control than the Duramix and HDMX, which are in the same range.
Triax also gives you the benefit a Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec (SPL) coating, a feature that not only helps it snap back for extra spin but also gives it some protection against the frictional wear that leads to breakage.

  • Gauge:  1.28 mm / 17g 
  •  Material:  Multifilament(Poly-Fusion)
  • Available Color: Naturnal

Triax 17g



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