Grapplesnake Irukandji Tennis String

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Grapplesnake Irukandji Tennis String

1 Set - Soft and Snap-Back

Irukandji is a very special rounded/rectangular polyester string. It is soft and provides great snap-back and feel. It enhances spin potential due to its added elasticity. It was engineered to function as the ideal Cross string.
Its smooth surface allows the mains and crosses to slide on each other, minimizing notching and maximizing snap-back, which increases spin potential. With remarkable feel and comfort, it bridges the gap between co-poly and multi filament strings.

Performs well in full bed, but is highly recommended as a Cross-string with Cube, Excellent Purple, or any Multi or Natural Gut in the Mains.

  • Length : 12 m / 40ft 
  • Gauge: 1.2.5 mm / 17g
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Grey, Blue & White


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